New Year Traditions

This is Number 2 on my Tag Klog: Lene a.k.a. Sunshine4Life of Dancing in Midlife Tune tagged me the 3rd of January regarding New Year Good Luck Traditions. I’m early! … for Chinese New Year, that is. Haha! Sorry Arlene, not trying to make excuses here.:)

Here are the rules:

Answer this question: What’s your New Year good luck tradition?
Then copy the names and answers of the people that answered before you and add your own to the bottom of the list. It helps build the community.

*My mom used to collect some coins and when the new year comes she put the coins in a bowl and shake it to create sounds. She said its good luck for money throughout the year. And also wearing dotted dresses on new year don’t know why. CC/chalyza/keep

*My old folks always told us to avoid spending money on new years day. They said, once you spend on the first day of the year, you like to spend the rest of the year. Behind d Scenes of ME/ Retchel’s Pure Life/ A little bit of me

*I grew up believing that if you have some money on your pocket (whatever you’re wearing) come New Year’s eve it will ensure steady flow of income throughout the year. The other belief is that the main door of the house should be wide open come New Year’s eve so that good luck will be ushered in. Juliana of MY WORLD and JULIANA’S LAIR.

* We always lit fireworks (Chinese belief) as part of tradition to scare off “bad spirits” and start the New Year with a blast. Hailey of Hailey’s Beats and Bits

*We have our family worship when the sun sets on January 31st and we have thankfulness prayer when 12 o’clock strikes. In this way, my mom thinks that if we pray this time with thankfulness we gonna pray over and over again throughout the incoming new year. Sunshineforlife of Life is What We Make it// Dancing in Midlife Tune.

*New Year’s Eve is always special because it also happens to be my parents’ anniversary. We always started the day by going to church. Then it would be a day of setting off firecrackers. Dinner is light to pave way for media noche or midnight meal. Media noche always had arroz caldo and buko fruit salad – true Pinoy comfort foods. For good luck, we had a bowl of various round fruits, shaped like money (coins obviously and not paper), which we always found hard to resist eating until the clock strikes twelve. What am I doing talking in past tense? We still do this now, as my own family heads off to my parents’ house to celebrate with them. Pinay MegaMom

Now I am tagging KittyMama of Okasaneko Chronicles and Em Dy of Pulse. Why did I choose these people? Probably because I think they do celebrate the Chinese New Year, hehehe, and it won’t be too farfetched to tag them now days before the said festival. Now if I stereotyped either of you, just give me a virtual bop in the head (ooo, thank goodness it’d be virtual), but it would still be nice to hear what you have to say about these traditions.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. chuvaness says:

    We have our family worship when the sun sets on January 31st and we have thankfulness prayer when 12 o’clock strikes.

    ~we do that too pag kumpleto ang pamilya…masaya diba…feel na feel yung…the family that prays together…stays together…

    Masaya nga talaga. My saddest New Years were the ones I celebrated alone when I was overseas.😦 Alam kong maraming kababayan tayong yan ang sinasapit. Sana pansamantala lamang. ~MegaMom

  2. juliana says:

    hi! thanks for dropping by. yeah, i’m a big suze orman fan. i watch her show every saturday.

    Aha, another thing we have in common. Thanks for your note too… I learn something new about my blog friends every day.:) ~MegaMom

  3. Kittymama says:

    One down, MegaMom. Just did the tag on New Year’s Traditions at
    Thanks for the tag! Xie xie!

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