Mentors, Tormentors: Call for TBR-9 Posts

There were teachers, and there were mentors. We all knew there was a difference. Whether it was your basic medical science lab professor or it was the department chairman, we had our favorites.

On the other hand, there were those who loved to torture us. Why do they create greater impact? Deeper wounds, maybe? Or do they really?

I enjoin all contributors to The Blog Rounds to submit posts for the 8th Edition of TBR. The theme is your favorite mentor and/or tormentor during medical school and training. They may be the same person, or not. You may have several favorites. Most importantly, share your experiences with these people, and the reason why they have created an impact on you as a doctor and as a person.

Please leave a comment or e-mail me at I will need:
1. The title of your post
2. The permalink of your post
3. Your blog name and URL

Deadline: 12 a.m. (Manila time or +8GMT), Tuesday, May 6 May 13.

Erratum: Doc Emer is hosting the 8th Edition of TBR. Please see Doc Emer’s call for posts here:
I’ll host the 9th edition. My apologies for the confusion. My bad. I was so eager-beaver to respond to Doc Remo’s request to host the next TBR.😉

17 Comments Add yours

  1. kokegulper says:

    This is so great Megamom! I wonder who tops the list (of tormentors) for us who comes from “The Faura Med School”? Hehe. I remember my batch got infamous after one classmate inadvertently posted a transcription that “booed” one of this tormentor. That prof flunked around 10 students in that batch.! Even if I wasn’t in her tormenting target, I still don’t feel like revealing that professor’s name!!

    Parang kilala ko yan ah! Di bale, anonymous na lang pag ganyan. We all might get into trouble here, hehe… ~MegaMom

  2. kokegulper says:

    Oops! Sorry for the mix up megamom! You’d be hosting nga pala TBR after Doc Emer. That would be TBR 9.

    We are very flattered by the eagerness and caliber of host s this past editions of TBR. And your theme just fired the burning desire for me to “torment” my tormentors before, hahahaha!

    Thanks again for accepting the hosting schedule megamom! Don’t forget to submit your post for Doc Emer’s edition of TBR.

    No worries, Doc Remo. Will await your post on your tormentor. haha! ~MegaMom

  3. J.A. says:

    I think I’m going to write about my encounters with are newly-retired Dean… I’m not so sure if I’m the only one who would think of doing so though… Any other M.D. bloggers out there who are CIM alumni?:)

    Why don’t you still go ahead an write your experiences? I am sure yours will be uniquely from your point of view.😉 ~MegaMom

  4. carlshark says:

    I didn’t have a tormentor really during medical school… and posting about the best mentor I had would be unfair to other, equally great mentors.😉

    During my training, well, that would be a different matter altogether.😀

    MegaMom, I’ll be emailing you the link once I am done with the post.

    Best regards,

  5. hello this is my contribution for the 9th TBR…


  6. manggy says:

    Hi MegaMom, here’s my entry:
    Post title: California Maki
    Post URL:
    Blog Name: No Special Effects
    Blog URL:

    I would have e-mailed it but yahoo has the nasty habit of trashing my emails to my friends :O

  7. hi, megamom!:) here’s my post… “Under the Influence”.

    i have no idea what i ate. the weird thing is that two of my friends and i ate exactly the same thing, and only two of us got the horrible AGE. the preggy one didn’t (buti na lang). is pregnancy protective?😛

  8. gigi says:

    Hi Megamom, thank you for the kind invitation. Here are the details of my contribution to TBR-9:

    Title: The Blog Rounds 9: In Memory Of A Mentor


    Name Of Blog: Beyond Borders; The Lei Si Chronicles

    Blog URL:

    Sent you email as well:)

  9. MerryCherry says:

    Hi Doc. Here’s my entry. Emailed you the same thing, but just to be sure…

    Title: He said, she said
    Permalink: He said, she said
    Blog: MerryCherry, MD

  10. kokegulper says:

    Hi Megamom!

    Here is my entry to your TBR edition.

    Tormented Learning: A paradigm shift?

    Thanks again for hosting this editon!

  11. Gud pm Megamom. Salamat po sa invite. I just wonder sometimes pagpinost namin dito yung mga URL ng posts namin, na-pre-preempt ang TBR. Malamang mababasa ko yung iba dito. Hehehe.

    Pero, anyway, eto po yung sakin, hehehe:

    Title – Tyrannosaurus professorus rex

    Permalink –

    Blog name – the Philippine Daily Idiot

    Blog URL –

    Kinocross-post ko po to sa Friendster pero gamitin nyo na lang po yung blogspot blog ko. Kitakits. Mel

  12. Martin B says:

    Megamom, my entry is at

    Thanks for hosting.

  13. Em Dy says:

    Mine’s up too. I took some liberty though with the theme; did not limit myself to med school.

  14. Joey says:

    Hi, Megamom! Here’s my entry:

    Warning, it’s long! I didn’t realize how long it was until I read it afterwards!

  15. ness says:

    sent you an email megamom…

  16. megamomph says:

    Hello, doctors. The response is overwhelming. It’s great! It looks to be a very promising TBR-9 round-up! ~MegaMom

  17. bricalz says:

    I don’t know if I did this right.

    My first time posting. Doc Ness invited us a couple of weeks and blog rounds back, but only got around to posting for the blog rounds today.

    Thank you megamom.

    I’m at

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