The Comeback: 25 Things That I Love

This is both the response to a Facebook tag and a write-up (albeit late) for the latest TBR theme, being hosted by Em Dy of Pulse. (Links later. I’ve been absent from WP for such a long time, the interface has changed quite a bit and it will take me a while to figure out all the new clicks and buttons here and there.)

I hate long-winded explanations, so I will spare everyone the details of my protracted absence from blogging. Those will be topics for posts over the next several months (I won’t run out of things to say, believe me), if I don’t permanently relegate them into the Recycle Bin of my life.

Let me preface this by saying that on review of these “Random Things” being posted by everyone everywhere, I believe the word “random” is so totally misused. Wearing one of my hats (the epidemiologist/biostatistician one) where I was involved in randomization schemes for clinical trials, I swear that there is nothing in the methodology of choosing what to write for these posts that merit them as random. Might as well take out the word random altogether. (It irritates the hell out of my Clinical Trialist self.)

I am pretty sure that in all these “Random Things” posts I’ve read, whatever the author has written is the result of meticulous thought and reason, highly dependent on the image they want to project of their internet personas.

But enough of that blah-blah. Here is my own carefully thought out list, nothing random at all about any of the items here. If anything is random, perhaps it is the order. (These are not really prioritized according to which is tops – too much work needed for that.)

1. I love music, not limited to just one genre. If it fits my mood, I will listen to it. From Palestrina’s Latin masses to world music and electronica, I listen to. While I was pregnant, I had the urge to listen to Led Zeppelin and all that classical rock my husband likes. I play the piano, some guitar, some violin. I used to sing in the high school glee club.

2. I love the visual arts – paintings, architecture and design, photography. I dabble into these every now and then, depending on time and mood.

3. I love the performing arts – movies, especially independent films, theater, ballet, opera. From community productions (PETA theater) to opera at the Met, I’ve had the opportunity of watching.

4. I love cooking and baking. I like experimenting in the kitchen. My latest success is making my own yogurt! I am so proud of this.

5. I love good food. I hate wasting calories on food just to ‘finish what’s on my plate’. Start by getting only what you want to eat and by getting just enough. I like trying new food.

6. I love writing – I do this as a form of self-expression. I may please others by it, or not, I don’t care. Good if I did, or if something good came out of what I’ve written publicly, but really, it’s more for me to go back to and read again and again. I’ve always been a diary-keeper. Blogging is just a public diary.

7. I love a good cry. I think it helps me keep my wits about me. Don’t laugh: I cry while reading a good book or novel (appropriately of course) like when I read Dr. Ben Carson’s autobiography and how he didn’t have a single cent in his pocket going through Ivy League college, I cry at movies including cartoons (Lion King and Tarzan made me cry), I cry when I hear particular songs that just tug at my heartstrings.

8. I love the sea. I choose going to the beach anytime over going to the mountains! I love the Philippines and I swear nothing comes close to our sea and our beaches. From shoreline to surface activities to dive sites, the Philippines has it all.

9. I love puzzles, especially logic puzzles (Mr A, B and C are on a train. One plays the piano, the other violin, the other the flute. If the Mr. C is seated one car away from the person playing the violin, and Mr B plays the piano, what instrument does Mr A play?). I was quite hooked with Sudoku when it first became popular (contrary to popular belief, Sudoku is a logic puzzle and not a math puzzle). I still do puzzles every now and then just to sharpen the grey matter.

10. I love gadgets. Whether technical (computers, PDAs, and all the software that come with these), or kitchen gadgets, I always like having the right gadget for the right thing. (Zester anyone?)

11. I love having alone time every now and then. With four people shouting for four different things at the same time, I like to have some quiet time too.

12. I love reading. This is what I do when I am enjoying my alone time. Again, my enjoyment cuts through many genres: poetry (including Filipino poetry), history, human interest, fiction, non-fiction, it’s so very hard for me to resist leaving a bookstore without walking away with a purchase.

13. I love gardening. This is another alone time activity for me, but recently, my kids like to get involved. I welcome this. I love the fresh smell of soil. I have no problems getting my hands dirty.

14. I love well-written reading pieces. I carry a notebook where I can write down phrases that strike me as being particularly well -written, especially the use of clever yet simple metaphors. Think Virgilio Almario, Kahlil Gibran or Pablo Neruda.

15. I love revisiting history. Very intriguing to see what worked, what didn’t, and why. We can all learn something form the past.

16. I love reconnecting with old friends. Even before blogging and the internet and FB became popular, I was already a joiner of all sorts of alumni groups (high school, college, med school, etc…). I try my best to attend homecomings and the sort. I also like getting together with my high school and college barkadas.

17. I love making new friends, including (especially?) those from different cultures, many of whom I met during my studies abroad or in my travels. They always add a new perspective to life and things that I’ve not seen before.

18. I love discount shopping. Divisoria is the best! I have to balance this with my contempt of pushy crowds, but in the end if I can buy the same thing for less, I am happy.

19. I love recycling. I love finding ways to help save the environment. I garden, I plant, I compost organic waste. I use a ‘green bag’ when I shop. I despise trash on the beach or in our coral reefs. I join coastal clean-ups.

20. I love helping people out. I hate calling it charity. I feel better when I’ve empowered people to rise above their circumstances, rather than giving straight dole-outs. Principle applies too, in my business life.

21. I love teaching. I am no longer in the academe, but I still do quite a bit of this in a different ‘classroom’.

22. I love putting passion into everything I do. I always strive for excellence, I hate doing things just to comply. I always put in more than 100% in tasks assigned to me.

23. I love a good challenge. It is easy for me to do well when things are all laid out nicely, but put a wench in and raise the bar, I get challenged. Probably the reason why God chose me to be mother to triplets. (God: One baby? Too easy! Let’s give her three.)

24. I love my family. They all drive me bananas every now and then, but not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for giving me my husband and children.  I cannot imagine life without them. My family is part of all the things I love, from 1-25. I share music, cooking, reading, etc… with them. They are the reason I continue to strive for excellence and put passion into everything I do.

25. I love God. Despite all my ramblings about randomness (at the beginning of this post) I believe in His existence and that He controls everything, and things that may seem random are never really random but are all part of a great plan – His.

I took me a long time to come up with post, I was waiting for 25 people to tag me ‘randomly’, so far only 6 have. I’m not tagging anyone else as I believe everyone I know has already been tagged somehow. Feel free to grab it if you haven’t been tagged.

For my blog friends – this is my comeback! I hope I can sustain it.:-)

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Raul says:

    good read.

    so A=violin?

  2. ness says:


    So good to be ‘reading’ you again! I love your 25-love-list!

    ayan, puro exclamation marks na ito. laki ng tuwa ko that you’re back in blogosphere. many of us missed you. meloinks, the president of your fans club, ang nangunguna.

    and i love your comments on random! hehehe. my original blog was entitled “at random ness” para kung lousy masyado ang post ko, i could just say, ay wala. hindi ko pinag-isipan yon. Random lang yon. knowing of course that that is not the whole truth.

    keep on writing.:-)

  3. Bone MD says:

    welcome back megamom!Well, we expected a mega comeback from mega absence in our mega tbr rounds here in the blogosphere. Aw, just skip the mega explanations and jump in again here in the rounds!

    ps.don’t tag me.i tagged you first! and you seem to love pretty much everything!

  4. Oh my gad, Megamom! Yehey!!!! Hehehe. Welcome back po. Remarkably, I love teaching too.

  5. Kittymama says:

    Hi, Megamom! Thanks for coming back! And as usual, you made up for your absence with a well-written piece.

    #10- Can I interest you in gaming consoles then? The Wii rocks! How about a PSP or a DS? (Sige na, para may kalaro pa ko, heehee!)

    #16- Our friendship is proof of whis. Who knew we’d be friends, after all these years?:-)

    Welcome back again!

  6. Manggy says:

    I hope you can sustain it too:) We’ve missed you dearly!
    I like Sudoku too, but I prefer it near the end of the week (c/o The Inquirer), when it’s five-star and takes a bit of effort:) But crosswords are much more fun!

  7. Joey says:

    Welcome back, megamom! It’s been a long time, and the blogosphere just isn’t the same without you.:)

  8. Em Dy says:

    Welcome back Megamom! We miss your entries. Thanks for sharing what you love!

  9. megamomph says:

    Thanks guys for the warm welcome back…
    @raul: you made the assumption that they were all seated alone? haha, wasn’t actually thinking about it when I typed it out, so frankly I hadn’t even figured out if it makes sense.
    @ness: no, I wasn’t picking on you when I was ranting about randomness, haha! Thanks for enjoying the list.:-)
    @BoneMD: gosh pareho lang tayong kulelat sa tags. Will see if I can work on yours.
    @ThePDIdiot: Why do you sound so surprised, Mel? hehe, parang nakakita ng multo.
    @KittyMama: Wii already have a Wii, haha! Question is if I even have time to get on it. Thanks for reconnecting my friend. We go back a long ways, don’t we? Way before Friendster.
    @Manggy: Awww, thanks for missing me. I know behind that hard cynical front, you’re really a softie inside, like a perfect pate choux.
    @Joey: More ‘awww’, thanks a lot Joey. Am still bursting with ideas on what to write about, so the blogosphere hasn’t seen the last of me yet.
    @EmDy,MD: Thanks Em! And thanks for including my very late entry in the last TBR.

  10. panaderos says:

    Awesome! Glad to see you back! I love the new template too! Since your “hiatus”, I made the switch to WordPress. Thus, my new site address is

    Thanks and take care. :)

    Thanks for dropping by Panaderos. Yes, I found I had to update many of the links on my blogroll so I took it down first. I like your new look too!

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