About Pinay MegaMom

I am a Filipina mother and I am extremely proud of it!

I spend majority of my time with my family: a loving and understanding husband, and our three blessings. We waited nearly a decade before there was someone to finally call us Mama and Papa (aside from each other), and now we have a chorus.


Avatar care of my long-time friend and fellow blogger, KittyMama

I do love my family immensely, but there are so many other things apart from motherhood that define me.

  • I used to be Doktora to my patients. Now I am addressed as such more as a matter of respect. I no longer practice (except on the kids).
  • I used to be Ma’am to my students when I was teaching undergraduate and graduate Medical Microbiology. I am still a teacher at heart, although I have brought my teaching to a different arena.
  • I would’ve been a professional musician had I not taken up medicine. I still do appreciate the arts: music, moving, visual, performance, name it! I am a patron.
  • Baking and cooking are outlets. I wish I had more time for it. I enjoy fine food. I avoid fastfoods because I believe there are many more affordable yet palatable choices.
  • I’ve been to many, but not enough places around the world. I would like to see more of my home, the Philippines.

In inner circles, mothers of multiples (twins, triplets etc…) are called SuperMoms. I though of calling myself MegaMom, not only because I am the mother of triplets, but also because of my full life, which I am now sharing with others through this blog.

Thanks for joining me on my fully-loaded super mega-journey!

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20 Comments Add yours

  1. kengkay says:

    welcome, megamom. i guess i would learn more about you here in wordpress… you are a doktora, wow!

    Ex-doktora na… Basta walang konsulta, hehehe ~MegaMom

  2. mx says:


    Keep it up! I just noticed the husband’s photo…may photo ba siya dun sa isang blog?:) he can’t compete with your scene-stealing triplets.

    Hi Mx! Thanks for dropping by. You’re right, finally showed pic of the hubby in this blog. Wala siyang pic doon sa dati precisely for the reason you stated above, haha! Hope to see you again here ha! ~MegaMom

  3. TeacherJulie says:

    Wow, a new home! This definitely looks better. Are you going to transfer your other posts in the 360 here? I did that when I got my domain, and it looked wonderful because of the colored fonts I used.

    Welcome to the world of WP:)

    Hi Julie! Thanks for dropping by. I’m still learning the ropes here in WP, though I already noticed it is 1000x better than 360. I don’t know what took me so long to move over! I’ll definitely transfer everything and play with WP functionality while I’m at it. See you soon! BTW, I’ve added your blog to my blogroll.:) ~MegaMom

  4. sunshineforlife says:

    Hi Megamom, thanks for the visit to my blog. it was an honor. Wow! Dr. Blogger — that’s awesome, ur the 2nd doctor i met in this blog world, one is a dentist.😀

    I would be happy if i can add you to my blogroll…can i?

    Take care and happy week-end! – MommyLene

    Hello MommyLene. Thanks for dropping by! Yes you can add my blog to your blogroll, on one condition: that I can add yours to mine.:) Still a little messy here at my site because I just moved from another site. But hopefully maayos na rin. See you again soon! ~MegaMom

  5. geri says:

    I enjoy knowing more about you. Did you play any musical instrument? I love the header!

    Yup! I play the piano, and I write music.:) Consulted an artist on the header (kaya pala!). Only another artist would appreciate it, haha! ~MegaMom

  6. I’m so glad to blog-meet you. Thanks for the blog visit and looking forward to your next visit here on Maui😉

    Thanks for dropping by too, Liza. Have a good week! ~MegaMom

  7. Bang says:

    Wow! you have triplets! What a great joy! I’ve been dreaming of a having a twin.:) Welcome to wordpress!:)

    JOY is the word! Yes we are very happy with our blessings.
    Thanks for the warm welcome!~MegaMom

  8. Ma’am Axxxxx!:) I was just browsing through this page of links on Dr. Em Dy’s site — and look who I’ve found in such a roundabout way!

    (I’ve just started blogging –well, I’ve had a site since 2005, but residency has a way of putting these things to the wayside — and was curious what other pinoy docs in the blogosphere are writing about.)

    Your kids are so big na! The last time I saw them was around 3 years ago when the sisses and I visited you a home. I’m so glad to see them so healthy and happy, and you so very happy and living such a full life.

    I hope I can get to see you one of these days when things are no longer so busy — am a younger sis in flux with need for lots of wise advise from someone who is so wonderfully grounded.:) Until then, I’m glad I’ll be able to keep abreast of what you’re up to through your blog.:)


    Hi dr_clairebear! So funny, yes I don’t really broadcast the blog (am not doing it for “hits” but more as a form of self-expression) but am glad you found it.
    Yes we should see each other as soon as you are done with training, even if just to catch up.:) Will also visit your blog to catch up with you.
    And I think you can stop calling me “Ma’am” now. You’ve earned the privilege a long time ago.:)

  9. juliana says:

    hi! i can’t even remember now how i got into your blog. you know, i kept hopping kasi, but i was engrossed in reading your entries.

    it’s so nice to know anything can happen even after 10 years. yes, we’ve been trying for 1 for almost 8 years already but haven’t been successful even with the help of the latest technology (tried IVF 2 x).

    you have your hands full, but i’m in awe how you are handling the three. enjoy them, as sooner or later they’ll have their own lives.

    Thanks for taking a peek Juliana! You are so right about kids growing up so quickly. Where does the time go?!
    Please feel free to drop me a line privately about fertility: aradualan@yahoo.com. ~MegaMom

  10. chuvaness says:

    WOW! Mega MOM ka nga! Thanks for visiting sa bahay ko DOK!

    Wahaw! triplets?? I’d love to have twins pag nag ka baby ako…para isang effort lang diba

    OMG, Chuvaness! Did not mean to overlook your comment… (answering this only on 26 Jan 2008)… for some reason I thought I already put something in way before. Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog, I am honored that you would visit.:)
    I wish I could say that having triplets is easy, “isang effort lang”, hehehe, but you have to multiply that by three.:) Good luck in your quest to have twins!:) ~MegaMom

  11. scroochchronicles says:

    Superhero ka nga!! My mom had twins and had a hell of time. Ano pa kaya kung triplets. I salute you:)

    Thanks Kongkong. I salute you back too! Any mom is worthy of our respect and admiration! ~MegaMom

  12. bluep says:

    Same here. if ever I get rich, I will first tour the Philippines aside from from other countries lalo na camiguin and palawan, aklan and the batanes islands.

    So Dapat pala di na Mega Mom tawag ko sayo, Doc Mega na hehe.

    Happy a nice week ahead of you.

    ps. naihabol kita dun sa upcoming post ko na mga idadagdag ko sa blogroll LOL

    Pax et Bonum

    Thanks BlueP, will also add your site to my blogroll.
    Palawan I’ve been to. Batanes is a dream.:) ~MegaMom

  13. thank you for visiting my blog. i am also grateful for the “promotion”. you got a cool blog yourself.

    yes, i’m an ilocano who grew up around the philippines. i made it my lifetime mission to document philippine colonial churches and digging through and retelling their stories. i guess they are so underrated right now as cultural and historical icons. along the way, i also try to shoot and do research on local culture as well.

    you are, indeed, a megamom. i hope you don’t mind if i link you to my blog.

    Linked you up na rin, my new-found gayyem.:) ~MegaMom

  14. Lena says:

    i am amazed! you have triplets? am i right? you are a doctor too and a former teacher. where did you teach? my eldest is a doctor too. baka naging teacher ka.

    i’ll link you up. interesting blog with content. =)

    Thanks Lena! That’s a nice thing to say about my blog. Really, it’s just a form of self-expression, which has also evolved into a way to meet new friends and keep in touch with old ones.:)
    Congrats on your MD! Wow, layo ko pa doon! My kids are still in nursery… sigh… ~MegaMom

  15. Carl says:

    Hi Doc!

    From one former student. I remember the last time we met was when you passed by PagKalMa after visiting the hospital for a business-related function. How was the thing with the vaccinations?

    Stumbled upon your blog from my SiteMeter. You linked me up so it would be just proper to return the favor.

    Funny how the internets make the world smaller and flat.:)

    Best regards,

    The college has taken ownership of the vaccination program, which is good.

    Actually, no need to return favors. If you do link up, I hope you find it worth linking to.:) ~MegaMom

  16. GreyMom says:

    Got here thru TeacherJulie’s blog. Just wanted to say hello and am adding you to my blogroll.😉


  17. Pinky says:

    Hi MegaMom! Thanks for visiting my WP Home – pareho pala tayong ex-360ers e! WP is eons better, right?😉

    Hope you don’t mind if I swap stories with you from time to time…

    Great blog! Keep the self-expression going, okay?

  18. Thess says:

    Hi MegaMom! I’m just taking a break right now and I thought of visiting other LP members’ blogs, I’m glad I chose yours first…kasi wow, you were doc pala! I say still is! kasi once a doc always a doc, di ba?
    I didn’t mean to compare myself to you (naku, malayo med background natin kasi…) very slight med background I also had- as an optometrist, I was also a musician (sung for almost 10 years in different bands and countries) I had the chance of playing bass guitar, couldn’t read notes but played by ear, and I love to cook! (I’ve a foodblog because of that.)
    Tapos the only triplets I had in my my life were my ferrets *ang korni ano? ha ha*

    Anyway, it was nice ‘knowing’ you Doc:) Hugs to your triplets!

    Thanks Thess! Ang swerte ko naman ako ang napili mong pagtuunan ng pansin ngayon.😉 Maraming salamat sa dalaw at sa mga magagandang salita.

    I guess we really have more in common than taking photos and being Pinay. Good to know you too! ~MegaMom

  19. liza says:

    Hi there A****! It’s been so long since I last heard from you. Nice blog! I’ll be trying the mango bar recipes (we hold an annual holiday treat exchange at the office so am excited to try something linking back to RP). Regards to sisses if you see any and hugs to your kids. might be visiting RP in the summer.Take care….kapwa-doc-into-other-biz

    Hi Liza! So good to see you drop by. Been busy working the ‘dark side’ (haha, you know what I mean) so medyo delinquent na nga ako sa pag-update nitong blog.
    Let me know how your mango bars turn out. A frequent comment I get is it is too sweet, you may want to cut down on the sugar, lalo na diabetes expertise mo, hehe.😉

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